Dear Peacemakers,

Holy Week 2018 has indeed been filled with the suffering of waiting, disappointments, increasing fears of deportation, violence, and growing examples of systemic injustices in our country. Millions of our sisters and brothers are growing poorer than they could have imagined, and too many are attacked by hatred because of the color of their skin, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, or country of origin. We too often forget our brothers and sisters are the incarnation of a Jesus who continues to live and die among us.

This Sunday, however, we celebrate our belief in the resurrection; we believe not only in Jesus’ resurrection but in the possibility of liberation and resurrection of all God’s people. We are witnesses to an early peek at that resurrection when we see the courage of so many young people who are willing to speak out about gun violence and to demand that something be done. Glimpses of that resurrection are found when we address the justice issues in our local communities and work together to bring about much needed dialogue and change.

To all who are artisans of peace: find yourself in the many Alleluias you will hear this Sunday, and know of our profound gratitude for your companionship on this journey.

In peace with continued blessings,

Sister Patricia Chappell
Executive Director
Pax Christi USA

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