The documentary titled “Peace be with you” by Peter Stewart includes interviews from Pax Christi Beverly, MA and from members of the Pax Christi USA national staff. Other social justice peacemakers are also featured.

We encourage you to review and discuss this documentary with members of your region and local chapter groups.

As we call upon our Catholic Church to recommit to the centrality of Gospel nonviolence: What nonviolent practices and strategies are you, your community, or your region/local chapter group engaged in to bring about sustained peace?

May our ongoing collaborative efforts draw us ever more closely in building and being the Beloved Community!

Peace be with you accolades

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  1. Any recommendations for a fruitful celebration to U.S. “Independence Day” that would steer perfectly clear of the mindless violence of militarism that unfortunately characterizes many fourth of July celebrations? In advance, thanks and kind regards. You folks “rock”!!!

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