The message below was originally sent as an email from Pax Christi International.
The UN negotiations for a treaty banning nuclear weapons kicks off next week: join our efforts by contacting your government regarding their participation!
Pax Christi International with its working group is in full preparation for the second round of negotiations for a nuclear weapons ban treaty starting next week at the UN in New York. You can find an overview of some of our activities and materials on this website.
The draft, “Convention on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons”, which was released on 22 May 2017, forms the basis for the negotiation sessions taking place at UN headquarters in New York from 15 June through 7 July 2017. You can read our reaction to the draft here.
Please join our efforts calling upon all UN member states to participate in the negotiations and to contribute to a robust human-centred legal instrument by contacting your government. You can find the position of your government on this website. Below you can find some of our suggestions.
Is your government participating in the negotiations? Contact your government with our document with text proposals which the PCI working group has elaborated for lobby work regarding the draft treaty text; you can adapt it to your national context.
Is your government not participating in the negotiations? Call upon your government to assist the negotiations by sending them the draft treaty text and our statement.  Also, get in touch with your parliamentarians, sending them the documents and asking them to pressure the government on this issue.
A number of parliamentarians from around the world have confirmed that they will join this week’s negotiating session. This is especially important for countries of which the government is not attending the negotiations. So you can also encourage your parliamentarians to come!
For any assistance and follow up, contact: Jonathan Frerichs, Disarmament Representative,, and Alice Kooij Martinez, Advocacy Officer,

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