Artisans of Peace
by Sr. Lillia Langreck, SSND

Jesus, you came
Precisely to be an artisan of peace-
An artisan of dreams!
An artisan who envisions!
An artisan whose great passion
Is to enflesh that dream.

Yahweh God,
That dream of peace
Just a small spark in each of us
A spark that needs
So that the dreaming can continue

O Creative Spirit of God,
Come, awaken our spirits
To the call to be ARTISANS OF PEACE!
Let us dream again!
Let us hope again!
Let us discover again
Courage – Nonviolence – Compassion.
Let us discover again
Ways to help the oppressed – the suffering
Ways to create PEACE nonviolently

Make real our dreams
Energize our spirits
Strengthen our faith
But above all fill us
With the compassionate love
That can make dreams happen – here and now!

2 thoughts on “A Poem for Peace

  1. Thank you for publishing this message of peace. This was a good day for that message.
    Blessings and peace
    Lillia Langreck, SSND

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