We know “Journey Towards Justice” is going to support your relationship with God and give you the spiritual energy needed to work for justice. We all need to be still and be fulfilled by the ever-present source of love to make real change in this world.

It is much too easy to react to the war and death we see every day with anger and hate when we do not have a spiritual foundation. It is also easy to avoid these atrocities and practice denial.

This social, economic, and racial justice work isn’t easy, but we know how important it is. A spirituality of nonviolence is absolutely necessary to fuel our work so we do not succumb to rage or denial.

We believe in the Peace of Christ and the love of God that transcends the frailty of ourselves and the world. Let’s get into this true peace and true love.

Only three more days to order. We will not be selling booklets after September 26 so order today!

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