from the Marianist Social Justice Collaborative

belovedcommunity“CHANGEMAKERS: Creating New Responses for New Times” is a new offering from the Marianist Social Justice Collaborative. The program is a gathering of  a critical mass of seekers of justice to:

  • Make the needs of our local community & broader world more visible
  • Reflect on our responses to those needs
  • Reimagine how to take action to make a bigger difference during the next decade and beyond

Be part of the solution! We will confront a really big question: How can we join with other seekers of justice to be more significantly involved in the social, economic, and environmental transformations that our world urgently needs today? CHANGEMAKERS is one pathway to do this. Certainly many are already involved in works of social justice. BUT, are we making a dent in eliminating poverty, building a more just economic system, and creating environmentally sustainable ways of living? Are we making the best use of our time, money, and people in addressing systemic issues which might require coordinated action to complement the work we already do? CHANGEMAKERS is an opportunity to think this through together so that we can live out our commitments wisely and collaboratively. We believe there is an untapped power in numbers to do so – both within Marianist networks and affiliations and in partnership with other movements and other people of faith.

The two weekend events will take place this year. The first is July 22-24 in San Antonio, TX and the second October 28-30 in Dayton, OH.

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