from the Springfield Dominicans

You are invited to spend a few moments with God before you go into the voting booth.

election-2016Today we are releasing Take it to Prayer: A Spiritual Reflection for Voters. The brief guide is meant to help busy people prepare themselves spiritually before they vote.

“Voting is one of our primary responsibilities as U.S. citizens,” explained Sister Marcelline Koch, OP, who is the justice coordinator for the Springfield Dominican Sisters as well as the North American Dominican’s Co-Promoter for Justice and Peace. “’Why does my ballot matter?’ you might think. But because we are citizens of the most powerful nation on earth, the tiny pebble that is my ballot can make big waves around the universe, especially when we consider that the health of Creation, our common home, may depend on it.”…

Click here to read the full story and download a copy of the guide today.

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