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_47765584_nuclear512Last week President Obama released his last budget. Unfortunately, he continues to fund the insane “modernizing” of nuclear weapons and their delivery systems that will cost us, the taxpayers, a staggering $1 TRILLION over thirty years.

That’s nearly $100 million wasted every day for thirty years on weapons we are supposed to be getting rid of. To put that amount in perspective, instead you could send nearly nine million people to a four-year university or hire 18 million teachers for a year!

Will you write Congress today?  Ask them to stop this crazy spending on nuclear weapons.

Ask them to support the Smarter Approach to Nuclear Expenditures (SANE) Act. The SANE Act is a bill that would save taxpayers approximately $100 billion over ten years by scaling down, delaying, or canceling a variety of obsolete nuclear weapons programs.

Please contact your members of Congress today to cosponsor the SANE Act.

Over the next few months and in the Presidential debates, Congress will be debating and perhaps voting on budget matters.  They will likely cut human needs programs while increasing Pentagon largesse like nuclear weapons.

Just think what we could do with the $100 billion we could cut from nuclear weapons. Our communities desperately need those resources to invest in jobs, infrastructure, and education.

Peace Action formed over 60 years ago as The Committee for a SANE Nuclear Policy. The SANE Act’s name is a nod to all those years of activism – and now we need to keep it going.

Help us take the next step on the road to a saner, safer, more just future. Write Congress today.

Humbly for Peace,

Paul Kawika Martin
Political Director
Peace Action

P.S. By sending a quick letter to Congress to rein in nuclear weapons spending, in makes it more likely that when the budget ax does fall it’s nukes that get cut – not programs we care about.  Please edit the letter with your own words to personalize your concerns. Then, please forward this to friends and family.

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  1. Thanks, Paul — what is the current status of the SANE Act in 2016? Does it have a bill number in the current Congressional sessions?

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