basket riverc1007_APax Christi USA Teacher of Peace Rev. John Rausch, glmy, is hosting the experience, “Walking Our Spiritual Paths: An Introduction to the Spirituality of the Cherokee People,” March 8-13, 2016 in Cherokee, North Carolina.

For five days, participants will experience the spirituality of the Cherokee People with Native American presenters. The legends, ceremonies, history, culture and food will slowly reveal the depth of Cherokee spirituality and offer participants a background to reflect on their own expression of spiritual growth. The times of prayer and theological reflection will integrate the learning with the participant’s own life experiences.

The event is sponsored by the Catholic Committee of Appalachia and the Appalachian Ministries Education Resource Center.

Contact Mary Herr at or 828-497-9498, or Rev. John Rausch, glmy at or 606-663-0823.

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