from the Public Peace Prize Committee

All of the laureates received considerable support from the public, both in terms of the quantity of “votes” acquired, and the quality of the comments and the support letters received. Marie Dennis is the laureate who received the greatest number of supporting gestures overall, from a largely international audience.

We wish to congratulate these peacemakers for both their determination and their contributions, along with others, to the pursuit of durable peace that is rooted in respect for human dignity and the conviction that it is possible to live in a world without violence or exclusion. …

Marie DENNIS, of the United States, is a respected icon of peace and reconciliation movements on an international scale. Her implication in a number of endeavours reuniting a compassionate vision, the art of negotiation and spiritual wisdom and her contribution to intercultural and interreligious dialogues are indispensable to world peace. A large number of her project partners and people who have witnessed her work from several countries have expressed their support and admiration to this laureate of the 2016 Public Peace Prize as GLOBAL PEACE and RECONCILIATION INTERNATIONALLY-REPUTED PEACEMAKER.

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