from the National Religious Campaign Against Torture

Syrian refugees

Next week the Senate is planning to vote on H.R. 4038, a bill that would slam the door in the face of Iraqi and Syrian refugees who have been victimized by ISIS and Assad.

Please write to your Members of Congress and tell them that our country should be a place of safety for those fleeing violence.

Fear and cowardice are not the way forward.  ISIS has done terrible things but our reaction to them should not be to punish their victims. Refugees already face an intense, often multi-year screening process to ensure that they are not a threat. We should not make it harder for them. Instead our country should protect victims of torture, abuse, and other forms of violence.

Please write to your Members of Congress today and tell them that you oppose H.R. 4038.

You can also extend a hand of welcome to refugees in your local community. We encourage you to think of ways you can also help local refugee families – whether by raising money, contributing time or goods, or making clear to your local elected leaders that you believe your community should be a welcoming one.

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