from the All Souls Nuclear Disarmament Task Force

nuclear-free-zoneThe Air Force is pressing President Obama to request funding for a new nuclear cruise missile. That would be a terrible mistake:

  • It is unnecessary: multiple redundancy is already built into the U.S. nuclear arsenal of submarines, bombers, and land-based missiles.
  • The enormous cost (currently estimated at $20 billion, but that would certainly go up) would divert funds from civilian needs, and also from conventional defense and antiterrorism programs.
  • It would be de-stabilizing: former Secretary of Defense William Perry warned yesterday that we are on the brink of a new nuclear arms race, possibly more dangerous than the Cold War.

TAKE ACTION: Email the White House,

Sample message:

Mr. President, please reject plans for a new nuclear cruise missile. The enormous cost is unnecessary, and the destabilizing effect would actually make our country less secure.

Please personalize your message in your own words, and share this alert as widely as possible.

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