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Is this America?

2165-thumb-with-textWe grieve the many lives that have been lost or painfully transformed in recent weeks through extreme acts of violence.

And we are appalled by the surge of divisive rhetoric that sows the seeds of more violence to come.

A dangerous tide of hatred, violence, and suspicion is rising in America — whether aimed at Arab and Muslim Americans, women and the places we seek health care, Black people, immigrants and refugees, or people just going about their daily lives. This tide is made more dangerous by easy access to guns.

When has hate ever led to progress? Is this really what we want  America to be?

We are better than this.

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One thought on “PETITION: We are better than this

  1. This is absolute nonsense. There is nothing here but liberal pablum. The FBI crime statistics do not support this at all. Muslims in this country are no more the victims of hate crimes than Christians. Jews are most often (60%) victims of all hate crimes.


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