by Bob Cooke, Pax Christi International

6a00d83451b5a569e20128772d848e970cPlease join us if you can for a conference call today, December 18th at 1 pm Eastern time regarding a possible Christian Peace Witness for Syria. This proposal came out of the Christian Peace Circle Advent Retreat.

With Islamaphobia and terrorism in the Middle East both on the rise, what is the response of U.S. Christians? In solidarity with our Muslim brothers and sisters, the people of Syria and other U.S. peacemakers of all faiths, we want to say “We Refuse To Be Enemies”.

Please consider being on this call today at 1 pm and also passing on this invitation to others you know who may be interested.

If you cannot make the call this Friday but are interested in this undertaking, please contact me at and I will make sure you are informed of next steps. Likewise, inform me of any others who you pass this information on to who indicate an interest but who cannot be on the call.

It would be good if we can have some development people from some of the denominational development agencies we work with since the current idea is to try work together and raise money which will be used, in conjunction with Syrian people, to meet their needs.

Hopefully, we will get close to the maximum of 75 people on the call today and move forward with a real sign of peace as we celebrate the coming of the Prince of Peace to the world this month.

Campaign Nonviolence has agreed to host the call through their Maestro Conference Call System. To register for the call, please go to:

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