Pax Christi USA signed onto the following letter initiated by the Friends Committee on National Legislation.

Dear Members of Congress:

On behalf of the 45 undersigned organizations, we strongly urge Congress to pass a Fiscal Year (“FY”) 2016 appropriations bill free of immigration policy riders.

(1) Congress should oppose riders that withhold federal funds from, or deny federal assistance to, localities with so-called “sanctuary” policies.

In recent months some Members have sought to punish San Francisco and other so-called “sanctuary” cities through the denial of federal funding and assistance. Such a denial would unfairly punish cities based on an erroneous premise. The term “sanctuary” cities invokes a false myth that certain cities are free from immigration enforcement. That is simply not true. Through the automatic sharing of fingerprints obtained at booking, law enforcement agencies in all localities immediately notify Department of Homeland Security (“DHS”) of every single individual taken into state or local custody.

To date, no legislation punishing “sanctuary” cities has passed both chambers, despite various efforts. Since Congress has declined to pass legislation aimed at financially punishing “sanctuary” cities, Congress should reject any attempts to use the appropriations process to slip controversial policy changes into the FY16 omnibus bill…

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