from the All Souls Nuclear Disarmament Task Force

nuclear-weapons-free-zoneThere are important steps which President Obama could take during the remainder of his term to reduce the dangers of nuclear weapons. For example, he could call attention to the mounting  evidence that using nuclear weapons would be literally suicidal. Recent scientific research shows that even a limited nuclear war  would lead to catastrophic climate change and global famine,[1] yet these findings have been largely overlooked by governments, the media, and public opinion. By making a major speech on this subject, perhaps calling for an international conference on the scientific evidence, a President of the United States could change that situation virtually overnight.

TAKE ACTION: Email President Obama through the White House comment web site:

Sample message: 

Mr. President,  during the remainder of your term,  please act boldly to advance your Prague vision of a world without nuclear weapons. Use the power of your office to call attention to the mounting scientific evidence on nuclear winter and the horrific consequences if these weapons were ever used.

Please personalize your message in your own words. And please share with your friends, e.g. on your Facebook page, and urge them to email the President also.


[1] Robock and Toon, “Self-assured Destruction: The Climate Impacts of Nuclear War,” Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists 2012,; Physicians for Social Responsibility “Nuclear Famine: Two Billion People at Risk,”

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