Cara Weidinger, age 20
Cara Weidinger, age 20

Interview with Cara Weidinger
by Sr. Camille D’Arienzo

SR. CAMILLE: Cara, at a time when our earth is so abused, so taken for granted, it was a relief to learn of your efforts to raise awareness by participating in the People’s Climate March. How many participated in this action?

WEIDINGER: There were eight students at the climate march, and the students were either members of the student group, Students for Global Justice, or CRS student ambassadors.

SR. CAMILLE: Where was it held?

WEIDINGER: We started our morning bright and early in front of St. Thomas More Church on St. John’s University campus with muffins and a sending-off prayer. We then traveled into Midtown Manhattan and met with the rest of the Vincentian Family in the religious section of the march…

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