Rosemarie PacePax Christi Metro New York’s coordinator, Rosemarie Pace, is one of the 75 Catholics featured in the new book from Patrick McNamara, New York Catholic: Fath, Attitude and the Works!. The book is published by Orbis Books.

The description of the book states:

From St. Elizabeth Seton to Dorothy Day to Thomas Merton to Jimmy Fallon, an inspiring introduction to traditional saints and contemporary Catholics whose examples image and shape both the church and one of the greatest cities in the world.

The historical and spiritual legacy of New York City’s largest religious community comes alive in these biographies of women and men who have helped make New York and American great, and whose character and qualities are uniquely New York and Catholic.

Congratulations to Rosemarie for being recognized for her work in Pax Christi!

To order the book or see more about it, click here.

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