While some would argue that the recent announcement by President Obama on Immigration changes for 5 million immigrants is but a crumb from the table of the empire…Pax Christi USA applauds President Obama for his courage in using his constitutional authority to begin addressing a broken immigration system.

This executive action does lessen the fear of some of those living in the shadows and does provide some measures of safety and protection for 4 million of our brothers and sisters.

While we applaud the President’s courageous action, we know that there is much more to do to assure 7 million other immigrants that life in the shadow of fear is not a permanent state.

Pax Christi USA will continue to urge its members to press Congress to pass bipartisan comprehensive immigration reform that delineates a clear path to citizenship, reunites families and addresses the root causes that force migrants to flee their home to find safety and life elsewhere.

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