by Megan Rice, shcj

Dear Sisters and Brothers, our faithful peace-making community calling us all to transform the obsolete nuclear weapons complex into the countless life-sustaining alternatives to heal our Planet…

Transform Now PlowsharesOnce again, we wish we could be thanking and responding personally to your many thoughtful and creative ideas. Instead of failing to fulfill my desire to write, I wish to share a gift. One that you may wish to share in popular education for the many we know who missed being informed of the consequences of the military industrial complex and its hugely invasive, secret component: the nuclear weapons and energy industries. I have selected The Nuclear Terrorist: His Financial Backers and Political Patrons in the U.S. and Abroad, by our friend Bob Gleason (©2014; Forge Books/Tom Doherty Associates).

And so in case you’ve not yet seen this new book, I’m offering you just an appetizer – from the Epilogue (pp. 227-9) – which comes from his wide and careful investigations into this ever-growing reality in our midst these last seven decades…

Click here to read all of Sr. Megan’s letter.

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