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An enormous coalition is bringing a massive petition to Washington with demands for serious reform coming out of Ferguson.

In the wake of Ferguson, we must secure a positive transformation in nationwide policing. We’re calling on the executive branch of the federal government to take definitive steps to protect civil and human rights in every community by setting a higher standard of policing, strengthening accountability mechanisms, and securing critical reforms to end abusive, militarized, and biased policing targeting black and brown communities.

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One thought on “PETITION: After Ferguson, we need positive change

  1. in the news recently it was mentioned that the victim was shot at close range in the hand. previous reports mention that the victim was trying to take the officers firearm. I don’t think a fair picture of the officer is being portrayed in all the media hype and that we have a victim who was probably not totally innocent as an officer must protect his weapon at all costs or himself become the victim.

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