From the Food Research and Action Center

Pax Christi USA has signed onto the following letter. 

Dear Mr. President,

slider_4The undersigned national, state and local organizations are writing to express our united support for effective and adequately funded federal nutrition programs for children. We are a diverse group of organizations representing anti-hunger, religious, education, health, nutrition, direct service, school food, pre-school and child care, after school, labor, industry and agriculture, organizations that are joining together to support increased access to nutritious meals and snacks and to protect the quality of those meals and snacks in pre-school, school-based and out-of-school time programs in the upcoming Child Nutrition Reauthorization.

We urge you to continue your commitment to these programs and your efforts to reduce childhood hunger and improve child nutrition by including in your budget for FY2016 a significant investment in these programs so their efficacy in reducing hunger and boosting the health and well-being of children and infants can grow. Your enthusiasm for and commitment to new investments in these critically important programs will define the agenda moving into the reauthorization of the child nutrition programs.

We appreciate the support that you, the First Lady and your Administration have shown for protecting and improving access to quality nutrition for children, especially low income children, in this country.

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