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Since 1980, we have militarily intervened at least 35 times in more than 27 countries. We keep bombing, we continue spending trillions of dollars, but we’re no safer as a result…

One thought on “VIDEO: “How does this end?” questions military intervention

  1. I am again writing a note of total agreement with the films just shown on Pax Christi’s website. Why don’t our officials finally admit our policies of more and more war does not and really cannot bring about anything more than producing even more violence and more terrorists or are these newer groups similar to the old mujahedin
    that became al queda?. So are we really are own worst enemy? The historic warning from Pres. Eisenhower at the end of his term about the military/industrial complex and its influence on government policy planning. But Did anyone listen?? Even if a few peace groups did, did the power ful people then or now actually pay attention?

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