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The email which accompanied the video reads, in part:

“In short, the people in this video represent the human family, standing on the side of freedom—for Palestinians and Israelis alike. And we say ‘No’ to this unspeakable carnage wrought by one of the world’s most powerful militaries, dropping explosives on an imprisoned and defenseless population…  [T]ake in just some of the names and faces and ages of the children, mothers and fathers, and entire families who have been killed in this horrific assault on the captive population of Gaza. And take in our message, one that truly comes from a place of love for justice: that a lasting peace for Israelis and Palestinians will never be possible until we address decades of Palestinian dispossession, statelessness, inequality, exile, occupation and siege…”

One thought on “ISRAEL-PALESTINE: Watch this powerful video, a plea for peace in Gaza

  1. The massacre which is taking place is a crime against humanity. It is also against several of the Geneva Conventions. We watch with horror and wonder how one can forgive such a thing. But one question is never asked. Who supplied the best armed military in the world, the rockets, the tanks and so on to Israel? There, too, lies a terrible responsibility for the crime which is taking place. We weep for the people of Palestine who have nowhere to go.

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