3 thoughts on “CLIMATE CHANGE: Time for significant action on climate change AND you can help

  1. So thankful for Archbishop Wenski’s call to speak out on this concern for all creation and to Jim and Pax Christi for echoing and encouraging prayer, study and action. We are stewards of God’s creation – caretakers of the garden – we need to be tending with loving care, with peace and justice for all creation.

  2. Yes, we need to take individual action. Our family just installed solar electric producing panels on three houses…father/mother, daughter, son. We like to think we’re part of the rooftop solar revolution. Part of the individual solution to cut dirty greenhouse gas fuels.
    The most common question we get from friends and neighbors is “what are the savings?”
    Our answer is “Our Mother Earth”.
    Of course, there are dollar savings but those are secondary.
    Jack Gilroy

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