Today, May 7, people directly impacted by detention, advocates, faith communities and members of Pax Christi USA will take part in an advocacy day on Capitol Hill asking members of Congress to End The Quota.

Amplify these voices by calling your member of Congress today, May 7th and tell them Congress should eliminate the detention bed quota, which ensures funding to keep an average of 34,000 immigrants locked up in ICE detention facilities on any given day.

What You Can Do to #EndTheQuota

1. Call your Senators and Representative. 

Script: My name is _____ calling from ­­­­­_____.  As a constituent, I oppose funding for the immigration detention bed quota, which ensures that 34,000 immigrants are incarcerated in ICE detention facilities at any given time. I urge you to contact members of the Appropriations Committee, Homeland Security Subcommittee, and tell them that you oppose the immigration detention bed quota.  If the bed quota is included in appropriations, I hope you will support an amendment to strike it from the final appropriations bill.

Background: The detention bed quota is an unprecedented policy – no other law enforcement agency operates on a quota system.  Immigration detention is a huge waste of taxpayer dollars, with ICE’s detention budget nearing 2 billion dollars for Fiscal Year 2014. During a time of fiscal responsibility, it is unacceptable to be spending billions of dollars to needlessly detain immigrants in an inhumane system that is breaking apart families and communities. Meanwhile, for-profit prisons such as GEO and CCA lobby for such legislation to make money off of detaining immigrants and breaking up families. 

We encourage you to schedule a meeting (either in DC or in the district office) to follow-up after your call.

2. Did you call or meet with your Member of Congress?  Email us at info@paxchristiusa.org and tell us how it went. We need your help in tracking which Members of Congress will help us end the quota!

3. Tweet today about the advocacy day and your opposition to a bed quota with #EndTheQuota.  Sample Tweets:

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  1. Immigration reform is the way to human dignity and human rights in the USA.

  2. Immigration Reform is essential for us to respect human rights and dignity in the USA.

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