From the Coalition on Human Needs

By April 5, more than 2 million unemployed workers will have lost jobless benefits if Congress doesn’t act. The Senate can change that this week. And then, there’s the House of Representatives.

The Problem: The Senate needs to turn one vote around to restore Emergency Unemployment Compensation.The House needs to take a vote on it.

The Solution: Contact your Senators and tell them to vote to restore Emergency Unemployment Compensation now. Contact your Representative and tell him/her to urge Speaker John Boehner to bring the Senate bill to a floor vote to restore Unemployment Compensation.

Click here for more information on taking this action.

2 thoughts on “TAKE ACTION: Ask Congress to restore jobless benefits for 2 million workers

  1. 3 months later and they still discuss extending benefits to people who really need help. Yet they pass legislation for the Agriculture bill, which has a clause that pays subsidies to congressmen and women who don’t own farms. they cut the food snap benefit program, can’t find a way to help senior citizens, and continue the non stop attempt at repealing Obama Care. They don’t give a damn about people with pre-existing health care conditions. They believe this will some how will equate a win for the Republican party in Congress this November? Talk about dreaming big time

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