from Jubilee USA

Pax Christi USA has signed on to support Jubilee USA in the amicus brief they are filing in this case.

Jubilee USA has been actively involved in what the Financial Times has called “The Debt Trial of the Century.”  The case is pending now before the U.S. Supreme Court, and the outcome has enormous implications for global poverty.  The high court will set a precedent  that either greatly encourages or discourages predatory, speculative financial behavior that harms those living in poverty around the world.  At stake is nothing less than 15 years of bipartisan debt relief victories – victories that we in the faith community have worked hard to win, together.

Jubilee USA will file an amicus brief in this case that raises the religious community’s profound concern about the impact that the court’s decision will have on the global poor.  In so doing, we will be joined by faith communities and national religious organizations around the country.

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