from Voices for Creative Nonviolence & Afghan Peace Volunteers


Salam from Afghanistan, where the Afghan New Year ( Nao Roz  / New Day ) is five days away on the 21st of March.  Alas, peace is much further away.

We ask for your friendship and time in making a Skype or telephone connection with my Afghan family, the Afghan Peace Volunteers, on Nao Roz or in the next few weeks, to talk about their wishes for the new year, their joy in flying kites, and their hope to build a world free of human borders.

The Afghan Peace Volunteers are so tired of war that they are determined to build relationships to abolish war.

We believe that an immediate way to be a strong 99% is to get to know one another through arranging Skype or telephone connections across all borders.

We wish to speak via Skype or telephone with ordinary folk, youth, students, farmers, labourers, teachers, musicians and artists, environmentalists, social workers, indigenous communities, friends and activists from every single country in the world, thus catalyzing the most powerful force in the world – love.

To converse with us on Nao Roz the 21st of March,  please email, and for other dates, please email

We wish to hear your ‘Borderfree’ voice!

Love from Afghanistan,

Torpekai, Khalida, Sadaf, Sonia, Zerghuna, Basir, Abdulhai, Ali, Ghulamai, Zekerullah, Faiz, Raz, Khamad, Barath, Feroz, Hikmat and Hakim, with the Afghan Peace Volunteers

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