laffinby Art Laffin, Dorothy Day Catholic Worker, DC

I want to share with you this reflection from Day 1 of the “Fast for Justice” to close Guantanamo which I am participating in.
Nine years ago I went to Guantanamo with 24 other peacemakers to try and visit the men being held at that time and to call for an end to torture and indefinite detention and for the closing of the prison camp. We were not permitted to visit the prisoners and held a four day fast and vigil near the prison camp. The Witness Against Torture community was formed out of this experience and has, for the last nine years, initiated a campaign to continue working on behalf of the men who continue to languish at Guantanamo. Since 2005 nine men have died in U.S. custody at Guantanamo and there has never been an independent investigation into their deaths. Also many of the remaining 155 detainees have been on a hunger strike since last February and have endured tortuous forced-feeding.

hunger_strikeI am compelled by the biblical admonition to “proclaim liberty to captives” as I continue to advocate for these men who have been so brutually mistreated. This “Fast for Justice” is but another plea for justice on behalf of these men.

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May God bless each of you who receive this. I am so grateful for all you are doing to help create the Beloved Community.

For more information on the fast and the week of action, click here.

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  1. I do volunteer work for a local out reach unit of my church. I have been worried about the homeless and where they stay during these cold, cold nights. Recently I have heard that Pax Christi has a facility in Patchogue, New York, that will house people who live on the street if it is very frigidly cold outdoors.

    I am wondering if this is true. Also, I am wondering if you know of any other places in Suffolk County, Long Island, that will house the homeless on these bitter cold nights.

    Thank you for your correspondence.

    Kathi Merlino

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    This weekend I am praying for the 155 detainees still unjustly imprisoned at Guantanamo. I am grateful for the witness of the many who are praying, fasting and protesting on their behalf this weekend. May the peace of Christ help us honor the dignity of all, Amen!

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