3 thoughts on “NATIONAL CONFERENCE: Theologian challenges Pax Christi USA to embrace LGBT equality and justice

  1. Like so many other issues related to justice within the Church, Pax Christi needs to take prophetic stand of welcoming and accepting our LGBT brothers and sisters as Children of God whose dignity and rights must be protected .

  2. I profoundly agree — exactly as church teaching already states in the duty of Christians to refuse *unjust* discrimination and to continue in stubborn charity to bear witness to God’s creation of humankind as male and female as we are made in the image of God. All of us who bear His image are inclined to act in one capacity or another as if we did not. The stubborn charity is continuing the prophetic witness of our inherent goodness as male and female to those whose particular inclinations oppose those realities.

  3. Though their were many important statements in Fr. Massingale’s address, I think that this a profound 21st century question. As has been said before, it’s about how we love our neighbor. The church threatens its own relevancy if it cannot creates space for all who are church.

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