One thought on “POVERTY: How “Catholic McCarthyism” hurts effective anti-poverty efforts

  1. “America, a national Catholic magazine edited by Jesuit priests,
    captured the prevailing mood well in an editorial:
    In the United States today, self-appointed watchdogs of
    orthodoxy, like Randall Terry and the Cardinal Newman
    Society, push mightily for a pure church quite unlike the
    mixed community of saints and sinners — the Catholic
    Church — that Augustine championed…they thrive on
    slash-and-burn tactics…They scorn Augustine’s inclusive,
    forgiving, big-church Catholics…Their tactics, and their
    attitudes, threaten the unity of the Catholic Church in the
    United States, the effectiveness of its mission and the
    credibility of its pro-life activities.23”
    I could not agree more.Jesus would be sickened by the pious attitude of these conservative watchdog groups. We must be more loving and inclusive of all of god’s creations, not less.

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