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Each month, “On The Line” features news items and announcements from around the nation featuring Pax Christi members, local groups, regions and partners. These are gleaned from articles in local newspapers, websites, magazines, and elsewhere.

PAX CHRISTI LONG ISLAND MEMBERS USE ART TO LESSEN GUN VIOLENCE AMONG YOUTH: Pax Christi Long Island members have joined with other concerned people to form the InSight Campaign Against Gun Violence. One of the projects has been to work with high school and elementary school students to use art to express their feelings about guns and what has been happening around our nation. These works have been compiled into a PowerPoint presentation which is accompanied by the Sandy Hook children singing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” See the presentation at

REPORT ON THE PAX CHRISTI USA-PAX CHRISTI PORT-AU-PRINCE PARTNERSHIP: (from Manuel Padilla and Amy Watts, Haiti Project Coordinators) “One of the highest priorities we have had with the collaboration between Pax Christi USA and Pax Christi Port-au-Prince (PCPAP) is the peace education curriculum, designed for the older youth of SAKALA and with curriculum specialists Jane Cruz and Lori Baker. It has been over 2 years in the making, from raising the idea, through development, translation, and now teacher training and implementation. These last two are happening right now and we have never been more proud of SAKALA, the children, and the four peace educators who have been selected to teach this first cycle: Delto, Elio, Wenley, and Stephanie…” To read more of Manual and Amy’s report from Haiti, go to:

PCUSA and Pax Christi Port-au-Prince members collaborate on peace education training in Haiti.
Pax Christi USA and Pax Christi Port-au-Prince colleagues collaborate on peace education training in Haiti for the Sakala project.

BLUE WATER PAX CHRISTI MEMBER WRITES ON LOCAL POVERTY: (from the Port Huron Times Herald, by Michael McCarthy) “Is Port Huron a poverty magnet or a beacon of hope? Several recent articles complained that our fair city has become a destination point for those seeking supportive social services. Our city manager cited ‘liberal social programs in the city’ as one of the three biggest problems that plague our town. It’s implied that those who just want a low-income welfare life are encouraged to make Port Huron their home because so much is done for them here. A social worker in Sault Ste. Marie sends an alcoholic on a Port Huron-bound bus because those caught in the welfare social strata have it so good in our town. Could it be this woman had family here? What’s the rest of her story?…” Read the entire column here:

PAX CHRISTI MASSACHUSETTS COORDINATOR REVIEWS NEW BOOK ON PEACE: (by Pat Ferrone) “I have a long-standing habit of underlining, or in other ways noting, challenging or profound thoughts expressed in some of the books I read. This initiates a kind of ‘lectio divina’ in which I then reflect on the text and allow it to enhance or alter previously held ideas. Happily, Brayton Shanley’s new book, The Many Sides of Peace qualified for just such appraisal. Many underlined, notated, starred passages can be found in my copy of his book, elucidating points that hadn’t occurred to me in my years of soul-searching and peacemaking. Though my bias of friendship with the author should be noted, I insist that this beautifully rendered apologetic for an all-embracing and whole-hearted approach to living Gospel nonviolence, is a ‘must-read.’”… Read more at

Jacqueline Jill Rito Since I teach italian, i teach "PACE", which students wrote at the end of this school year in a public school. In addition, BHS Student Civic board members attended a PCLI meeting on Sunday 6/9 much to their delight.   They anxiously took notes and outlined strategies in working for peace, social and economic justice as well as acceptance, diversity and understanding.  The "interfaith" board consists of Outgoing President, Amanda Arnold, new President Deena Hadhoud, vice pres.  Josett Bernberg, and treasurer Firas Akbik.  (Catholic, Muslim and Jewish faiths represented)  In the photo are also Agnes C. Kelly and Nancy Dwyer PCLI Council members.
Bethphage High School Student Civic board members attended a Pax Christi Long Island meeting earlier this month, anxiously taking notes and outlining strategies in working for peace, social and economic justice as well as acceptance, diversity and understanding. The “interfaith” board consists of Outgoing President, Amanda Arnold, new President Deena Hadhoud, Vice President Josett Bernberg, and Treasurer Firas Akbik (Catholic, Muslim and Jewish faiths represented). In the photo are also Agnes C. Kelly and Nancy Dwyer, PCLI Council members.

FORMER PAX CHRISTI-CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY LEADER BLOGS ON MEMORIAL DAY: (by Robert Shine) “Marking Memorial Day, we are meant to honor those in the military who died in war – but I perennially ask myself on this day, ‘Why?’ Warmaking is a most sinful and barbaric endeavor. Honoring people simply for fighting in war, using language of sacrifice and service, merely perpetuates the myths of militarism. Each year, Catholics are swept up in the dangerous nationalism of this day and lend their voice to the cultic remembrance of soldiers who died in war. Enough. Catholics must stop participating in Memorial Day, and start peacemaking with our lives every single day through mourning…” Read the entire blog post here:

Pax Christi Texas members join with the Nuns on the Bus.
Pax Christi Texas members join with the Nuns on the Bus.

PAX CHRISTI METROWEST (MA) FEATURED IN ARTICLE ABOUT BOSTON MARATHON BOMBING: (from the MetroWest Daily News) “The day before the Boston Marathon, a Christian, a Muslim, and a Sikh came together to discuss violence at the Fatima Shrine in Holliston at a special event co-sponsored by the Xaverian Missionaries and Pax Christi Metrowest. Perhaps, had the perpetrators of such needless violence at the Marathon been in the audience, they might have thought twice before planting bombs. Moderated by Xaverian Father Rocco Puopolo, the panel consisted of Shaheen Akhtar of the Islamic Center of Boston, Svea Fraser, of St. John the Evangelist in Wellesley, and Sarbjit Singh Thiara of the New England Sikh Study Circle in Milford…” Read more at

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June 27-29 – Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space conference in Sweden:

July 4-7 – Fellowship of Reconciliation’s 55th Annual Northwest Regional Seabeck Conference, “Harnessing Outrage & Compassion: Awakening the Power of Nonviolence”:


Read Ambassador of Peace Joe Fahey’s reflection on “Pacem in Terris” from Pax Christi Metro New York’s newsletter … Watch former National Council Chair Judy Coode read Sr. Dianna Ortiz’s prayer at a vigil to “close Guantanamo” in DC … Pax Christi Atlanta member Cathy Crosby is one of the founders of the Neshama Interfaith CenterPax Christi Michigan member Arny Steiber filmed a recitation of a poem he wrote at the Heartland Café in Chicago, remembering all the soldiers who have died in our misguided wars … Pax Christi El Paso’s film series recently featured “Hidden Battles,” a 2010 documentary on the psychological effects of war on soldiers … See Pax Christi USA Teacher of Peace Bishop Tom Gumbleton and Ambassador of Peace Rev. Joe Nangle, ofm in the video “What Religious Leaders Want to Tell President Obama at Easter”Pax Christi Staten Island will hold its 21st annual Dorothy Day Pilgrimage in Pleasant Plains on June 15, visiting the site where Dorothy’s cottage once stood … Pax Christi Metro DC-Baltimore Council member Eli McCarthy wrote a provocative piece on drone warfare for America magazine … Three new members were elected to the Pax Christi USA National CouncilPax Christi Manasota (FL) led a vigil at the most recent execution in Florida … Pax Christi USA is hiring for two positions … The local FOX affiliate covered the “Groceries for Guns” program which included the participation of Pax Christi members in Upstate New YorkPax Christi International’s June 2013 newsletter is online … See more local and regional updates in the Spring 2013 edition of The Peace Current

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