One thought on “DRONES: U.S. bishop urges public discussion on drones

  1. I believe that unmanned aerial vehicles should be banned from military/espionage activity. U.S. policy/ intervention be it land or air, should not be taking place. However, we are up against more that just U.S. foreign policy. We are fighting the Shell and Mobile Corporations and their “strategic” oil interests that we want protected. The “search for and execution of Bin Laden” in my opinion reflects a tragic lack of cross cultural understanding/communication and diplomacy from the United States. Recently I watched the film Zero Dark 30 and was sickened by the treatment given to the prisoners. If the movie accurately reflects the reality, we are severely violating their human rights. As a US citizen I object to my tax dollars being used for military gain and would like to see a copy of the letter Bishop Pates sent to the national security adviser and others.

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