4 thoughts on “PACEM IN TERRIS: Peace in “Pacem in Terris” and Vatican II

  1. When we will be sent another Pope who can speak with such authority.Thanks for reminding me again of how special he was ,and how vital the cause of peacemaking remains.As Francis of Assai said” before you speak peace with your lips make sure it is already in your heart” a constant reminder to myself are his words

  2. Glad to see this article on the PCUSA website. Please note, it was written at the request of PCMNY for its special 30th anniversary newsletter which features this article, an article by Bishop Gumbleton on the 30th anniversary of The Challenge of Peace, and more. Visit the PCMNY website and click on Kerux: http://www.nypaxchristi.org for the full issue.

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