7 thoughts on “VIDEO: Dorothy Day – Canonization without representation

  1. I, too admire Dorothy, and have for some time now. As a former Director of Religious Formation in the Catholic Faith and fellow activist, I thank you for giving such a succinct view of of her life. Keep up the good work!

  2. Great summarizing of Dorothy’s life and times, but really, would you stop fidgeting so much while on camera, and that’s not just a suggestion! It’s a distraction watching your head and upper body bobbing up and down. And slow down you oral presentation just a tad bit. You’ll be a great news anchor, or documentary journalist when you can master those things, cause you’ve already got the ‘content’ thing down! Peace at you and the best.

  3. My comments totally echo the previous one – word for word!
    Seriously , it is becoming a pervasive problem, especially the rapidity of speech- on all news shows and commentaries. I can hear my mom saying, “What you need is good course in rhetoric!”

  4. I think especially in this time where the church is so conservative and so bound to the Republican party, that it is important to show that a liberal is a Catholic.

  5. Thank you for your rapid history of Dorothy Day’s life. Back in the 60’s my husband and I had the privilege of belonging to a small group who met for prayer and she was one of us.It was the lay Fraternity of Charles de Foucuald. We were newly married with young toddlers and remember with great fondness those times. We traveled to the Catholic Worker Farm which was on Staten Island at that time, with our babies, had liturgy in the barn where the ‘Frangance” of the cows wafted up to us in the chapel above the animals. Then we gathered in the main house for supper with the fresh milk from the same cows. She was the most generous, welcoming person I have ever met in my life. Although we never were called to join the Catholic Worker movement our lives were profoundly touched and formed by her influence.
    I agree with the other comments, keep on going you have much to offer but do slow it down so we can take in what you are saying. Thank you again.

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