By William Privett, Pax Christi Western New York coordinator

(The following is a homily given on Dec. 8-9 at All Saint’s Parish in Syracuse, NY.)

To this topic, “Giving Birth to Jesus in the World”, I would add “The Jesus Who Loves Without Violence”:

Thanks to our dear friend Fr. Fred and you good people of All Saints Parish for the hospitality you have shown Marilyn and me each time we have been able to celebrate Mass with you in the past, and again this weekend. Marilyn and I were fortunate to be with Fr. Fred at St. Francis DeSales in Utica for several years, before we moved to WNY. It was our privilege. Welcome also to members of our Romero Community from Utica.

Today’s Gospel reading quotes Isaiah “Prepare a way for the Lord, make his paths straight”. Still today we have the responsibility to “Prepare the way” and “straighten the paths”…for our Lord. 2000 years later, we can all observe that the path is not straight, the hills are still not level.

About 20 years ago, it occurred to me during my meditation that I not only COULD, but was CALLED UPON, to give birth to Jesus into this world. What I will share in the next few minutes is what I have learned in the past few decades, and that is Making the path straight is doing what Jesus calls us to do – Love without violence. I believe that Loving without violence, for those of us who believe in Jesus is making the path straight and leveling the hills. Is it even imaginable to you that we could “Prepare the way for Jesus” with violence, mayhem, destruction and death?…

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