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Beginning in May 2012 and continuing on through June 2013, members of the national leadership team of Pax Christi USA are participating in a series of regional dialogues building up to the 2013 National Conference. These dialogues are an opportunity for national leadership to meet with, listen to, and dream with Pax Christi USA members throughout the nation at a variety of locations. The dialogues adhere to a general template crafted by the national staff based on a reflection, action, reflection process to fit regional realities and needs. And the insights and ideas coming out of these regional meetings are being incorporated into the planning of the 2013 National Conference and the organizational plan for the years to come. The national leadership team attending the dialogues includes Sr. Patty Chappell, SNDdeN, Executive Director of Pax Christi USA; another national staff member; a National Council representative; a Pax Christi Anti-Racism Team member; and members of various National Council committees.

What participants are saying about the dialogues…

“The energy in the room during the regional gathering was certainly contagious. I felt refreshed and motivated to bring the Pax Christi message to as many people as our small Pax Christi Servants group can. The Spirit was moving and GOD IS GOOD.” – Karen Jackson, Pax Christi Illinois

“Sr. Patty got us off to a roaring start and kept the event at a high level of spirit filled enthusiasm. We enjoyed the remarks from Ron Cruz, Altonette Stone, Sr. Anne-Louise Nadeau, and Cathy Crosby… Hopefully this [dialogue] will be the impetus to get some other local chapters formed or reformed…
Sr. Patty knows the pastor at Our Lady of Lourdes, Fr. Jeffery Ott, who attended the dialogue. At Fr. Jeffery’s invitation, Sr. Patty did a reflection at the 10am Mass on Sunday morning before she left for the airport. I was there and can tell you that her remarks were very well received by all in attendance. Fr. Jeffrey will likely be a strong advocate for Pax Christi as we go forward.” – Joe Goode, Pax Christi Atlanta

“Some themes emerged very clearly: The importance of JustFaith – a substantial number of the attendees came to Pax Christi through the JF program; there was considerable excitement about the new module developed by (PCUSA National Council member) Scott Wright. Maybe it was the venue, but anti-racism rang a lot of bells – several folks there work with communities of color, and the organizers, the Wolfords, live in a barrio plagued by lack of services and other common problems. I had the sense people were interested in reaching out… There was a hunger for more contact from the national office and a desire to be better connected among the regions, nationally and even internationally.” – Nick Mele, Pax Christi USA National Council member, participant in the dialogue in Arizona

“I thought the event was well-attended and Sr. Patty was inspiring. You might expect that Pax Christi groups would talk about the tough questions facing the Catholic church today. We were not disappointed.” – Steve Jackson, Pax Christi Illinois Co-coordinator

“The Atlanta regional dialogue was successful in all kinds of ways… One of the ideas that came out of the dialogue was for a coalition of the historically African-American downtown churches to form a new Pax Christi group. Our pastor is activley involved in getting the other pastors on board so they can promote from within. We hope to have our first meeting in early Advent.” – Cathy Crosby, Pax Christi Atlanta

“I’m sure that Sr. Patty’s enthusiasm inspired us all to stay at it!” – Rose Bagley, Pax Christi Illinois

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