Herb and Betty Bazur
Herb and Betty Bazur at the Pax Christi Florida conference in 2008.

Last week, we learned that long-time Pax Christi USA member and local group leader Herb Bazur had died. Herb was 88 years old.

Herb was active in Pax Christi USA for many years, including his local participation with Pax Christi groups and members in Michigan, Florida and Indiana. Known for his Pax Christi USA rose tattoo, Herb was often the center of laughter and joy at the many Pax Christi gatherings he and his wife Betty attended.

Herb’s family writes in his obituary, “We will work to keep alive the memory of our charismatic and colorful Herb in many ways. He would encourage us to stop and smell the flowers, love our neighbors, walk with the marginalized, vote with poor people in mind, and spread joy.”

Herb was an extraordinary soul, generous and giving and loving with all his heart. He was a blessing to our movement and to all who knew him. We give thanks for his life and his witness. Herb Bazur – PRESENTE!

To read Herb’s obituary online, click here.

To read a personal reflection from staff member Johnny Zokovitch on his friendship with Herb, click here.

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