Pax Christi USA has signed onto a letter to Members of Congress asking them to protect low-income and vulnerable people; promote job creation to strengthen the economy; increase revenues from fair sources; and seek responsible savings by targeting wasteful spending in the Pentagon and in other areas that do not serve the public interest . We encourage our regional and local chapters to sign as well. The action alert from the Coalition on Human Needs is below.

Members of Congress are facing critical decisions. Will they make damaging cuts to nutrition, education, health care, job training, housing, children’s services, and more? Will they prevent service cuts by asking the wealthiest 2 percent to pay more of their fair share in taxes? Those concerned about promoting the common good, protecting the vulnerable, rebuilding the economy, and basic fairness need to be heard. Your organization can join in speaking out by signing this letter, which will be sent to every Representative and Senator. Please forward this request to other groups you know and encourage them to sign.

Click here to have your organization sign on.

Who should sign? Local, state, and national organizations of every kind. We welcome and need congregations and other faith-based groups, labor unions, civil rights groups, social service agencies, educational institutions, community organizations (PTO’s, tenants groups…), policy and/or advocacy groups, and businesses. But please only sign if you are authorized to represent your organization.

Why is this so important? Around the country, defense contractors have loudly opposed the Pentagon cuts set to take effect in January. Advocates for domestic and non-military international priorities are only just starting to be heard. The letter gives some powerful examples of the possible harm: no WIC for 750,000 mothers and young children; no job training for 413,000 adults and youth; no education/training for more than 51,000 veterans; no breast and cervical cancer screenings for 34,000 women; no rental assistance vouchers for 185,000 households; millions of working families pushed more deeply into poverty by losing some or all of their tax credits.

What is SAVE for All? More than 1,600 national, state and local organizations came together a year ago to fight to protect low-income people and the programs that serve them in federal deficit reduction plans. Strengthening America’s Values and Economy (SAVE) for All is not an organization; organizations signed a statement of principles which has been widely shared in group visits to Congress and other actions. This letter is an important opportunity to apply the principles to new budget and tax proposals. We welcome returning and new signers. For more information, please visit the SAVE for All page.

2 thoughts on “TAKE ACTION: Have your region, local group, organization sign on for economic justice

  1. The very best way to help the poor is to get Obama out of office and let the free market work.

  2. If only the free market had a conscience and didn’t oppress the needy, we wouldn’t be in disagreement.. At the moment regulation of the market is necessary to assure justice and hope for those who do not benefit from it….

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