4 thoughts on “POLITICS: What Paul Ryan missed

  1. It might have been a good idea that Ryan’s program was read before pumping Obama as Black Jesus. Obama does not have a clue as to what his program does or doesn’ t do.
    This job is one of many this scanner has had. How he could have written anything on his own is compounded by his refusal to open his records.
    I am a Catholic, but not a lemming.

  2. An overly zealous emphasis on solidarity leads one to neglect the basics of human nature. Yes, we are interdependent but it all begins with the individual. The individual is the focal point of all justice. It is the dignity of the human person not the dignity of the group that is the basis of Catholic Social Justice.
    It all begins with the conversion of the individual. The individual must first turn to God. Can the individual be saved by robbing, cheating, stealing and even murdering in the name of solidarity i.e. giving the proceeds of these evil acts over to the community? Christ did not come to change the law, so the commandments are still in effect. Once the “do not” commandments are properly in place one can then move on to the “do” commandments.
    It begins the individual and moves outward in increasing concentric circle. The first social circle encountered is the family. So the individual’s first responsibility is their family. Once they have satisfied this social responsibility then they can move on the neighbors. Solve social problems in increasingly larger and larger concentric circle. The closer to home the more efficient and effective the solutions will be. Hence the concept of intermediary social structures serving the needs of human beings and the easier it is to accomplish the real common good (our transcendent destiny).
    Too many (priests, nuns, brothers and laity) in the Church today seek social justice at the larger institutional level, namely the federal government. This has led to the slavery of the poor who have become trapped in dependency. This is no less a violation of the rights of the person than indentured servitude. (see: Prov 6:6, Prov 13:4, Prov 20: 4, 2 Thes 3:10, 1 Thes 4:10, 1 Tim 5: 17, 1 Cor 16: 1, Thes 5:12, Heb 13: 1)
    The Catechism of the Catholic Church specifies an algorithm to be used in the evaluation of the morality of an act (see CCC 1750). Too many today neglect this basic process. It is to be used in evaluation of the morality of actions, especially in the analysis of the unintended consequences of proposing and endorsing grandiose social schemes at the federal level. The unintended consequence of this article is that it leads Catholics to believe that Obama is the preferred social solution. In fact, he is a disaster for society in general and specifically Catholic Social Justice. He proposes and endorses abortion, contraception, gay marriage, the state over individual conscience, envy over fairness, bribery over the legitimate sales of ideas and the social Encyclical’s condemnation of statism which he supports and enacts. Furthermore “Ryan’s budget” is not at issue. It is Romney that is running for president not Ryan.

  3. I believe that Ryan lies just as most politicians do throughout our country. “For many years I have found and also believe that most politicians are just as crooked as criminals.” My third belief at this time is as Al Pacino said in the Godfather III movie, politics and crime, they are the same, think about this.

  4. I’ m a Civil Service retiree, I read the 2 comments before mine and I respect their opinion. I strongly suggest that they watch CNN and MSNBC shows especially in the afternoon and evening where the networks investigate what politicians in both parties say and do. They will be able to see and hear the lies that are being discovered about Romney and Ryan. I have not seen any lies discovered about Obama up to the present time in this 2 networks, however if one listens to FOX News, one can see and hear lies about Obama that are thenshown at CNN and at MSNBC.

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