Nuns on the Bus tour
Sr. Patty Chappell, SNDdeN, Executive Director of Pax Christi USA, welcomes Sr. Simone Campbell of Network following the return of the Nuns on the Bus tour.
(Photo by Sr. Anne-Louise Nadeau, SNDdeN)

by Sr. Anne-Louise Nadeau, SNDdeN
Director of Programs, Pax Christi USA

Hundreds of supporters gathered on Monday, July 2 at the United  Methodist Building next to the Supreme Court in in Washington, D.C. , to welcome and give support to “Nuns on the Bus.”  The Sisters had just completed their nine state, 15 day tour to bring attention to the work and commitment of women religious for their service and advocacy for people who are most in need. Pax Christi USA staff members in D.C. were among those who welcomed the sisters back from their tour.

In spite of intense heat, Washington, D.C.’s Catholic organizations, local and national media, as well as leaders and friends of different denominations shared prayer and support of women religious who dedicate their lives securing basic human rights for children, women, the disabled, those living on the margins of society and the elderly.  Many of the programs that fund this work are being threatened by Rep. Paul Ryan’s (R-Wisconsin) plan to balance the national budget on the backs of people who are poor.  His strategy is to dismantle the very programs Catholic nuns and others work in that provide direct assistance to the most vulnerable citizens who need the entitlement programs the Congressman wants to de-fund.

The ‘nuns on the bus’ sisters called their listeners to challenge the Ryan budget for its immorality and to work towards supporting a faithful reform budget, one that responsibly and resourcefully increases revenue for all and not at the expense of our most vulnerable citizens.  ‘We the people’ do have a voice.

3 thoughts on “WOMEN RELIGIOUS: Nuns on the Bus tour wraps up in D.C.

  1. I respect and admire nuns immensely. Even though for the most part they have never had to worry about raising children (their own) in this godless, Hollywood dominated culture, They have never had to worry about putting food on their tables. They have never had to run a business, take care of employees, nor have they ever been crushed by oppressive government taxes. Their rant against Paul Ryan is very hollow and out of touch.

  2. To Patrick,
    try being a nun once. Since they are given a great responsibility for each word they say they are more accountable for their actions. They have as much trouble putting food on the table as we do. Nuns have to wait until someone gives it to them. Never ran a business? What do you call hospitals and schools. and the employees therein.. They are now being over taxed by being obliged to provide birth control or go to jail or the chopping block.. Now I am going to google Paul Ryan to see what you are talking about. Alice Eizel

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