By Sr. Patricia Chappell, SNDdeN, Exec. Dir. – Pax Christi USA

Dear Pax Christi Members,

Sister Simone Campbell and the staff of NETWORK, a Catholic Social Justice Lobby, have organized a 2-week “Nuns on the Bus” tour going to key cities across the US to visit social service agencies and offices of Congress, sharing their opposition to the Ryan budget that passed in the House.  The U.S. Catholic Bishops have also been in opposition to the Ryan budget.  NETWORK is calling for a Faithful Budget that preserves significant funding for people struggling at the economic margins as the alternative.

The tour begins on June 17th and ends back in Washington, DC on July 2nd.  Please keep our women religious in prayer.  PCUSA encourages our membership to follow their trip on the website and find out how to be supportive and get involved. 

We are hoping that our Pax Christi Ambassadors of Peace, and our Regional and Local Coordinators will share this information with our membership.

2 thoughts on “NETWORK: NUNS ON THE BUS

  1. God bless these true disciples of Christ. Their concern for the “least of mine” stands in stark contrast to the actions of the so-called “shepards” of our Church, who have turned their backs on the poor and chosen instead to align themselves with those waging war on working people. They have made the Church a wing of the Republican Party, and should be ashamed of themselves.

  2. Sorry, Seano, I do not think the bishops are Republicans either. Perhaps the Nuns are representing the Marxist, Socialist, Progressive Party. Just a thought. But I don’t question their sincerity, however.

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