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The House of Representatives will start voting on more than 200 amendments to the National Defense Authorization Act tonight and, if they keep to their schedule, wrap up the bill Friday.

While some Republicans want to slash programs like Food Stamps, Meals on Wheels for the elderly, child care and child abuse prevention, they — and many Democrats — have added $10 billion for nuclear weapons and propose language in the National Defense Authorization Act that might bring us closer to war with Iran.  Fortunately, our allies on Capitol Hill will be offering amendments this week to end the Afghanistan war more quickly, to prevent war with Iran and to cut the Pentagon budget.

With $88 billion authorized to continue the war in Afghanistan. Barbara Lee has introduced a clear amendment (#158) to cut all funding except for the purpose of withdrawing all of our troops safely from Afghanistan. Representatives McGovern, Conyers, Kucinich, Frank and others have introduced strong amendments aimed at stopping the war, preventing a military confrontation with Iran, curtailing the use of drones and cutting the size of the budget. (Not certain which of these amendments the Republican majority will allow on the floor.)

Members of Congress need to hear from you today.Call the Capitol Switchboard at 1-877-429-0678 (toll free number provided by FCNL).

Ask your Representatives to support ALL amendments designed to end the war in Afghanistan, avoid a military intervention in Iran, curtail drone attacks and eliminate waste, fraud and abuse in the military budget. Ask them to vote for amendments that make our communities a priority, not more war and nuclear weapons.

The Senate is expected to take up this bill in the next couple of weeks and we will issue similar alerts for those votes.

Thanks to UFPJ and Peace Action for the material above. Here is a more detailed rundown of the amendments from US Labor Against the War.

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