4 thoughts on “REFLECTION: Our suffering world needs a prophetic Catholic Church

  1. I am afraid the sleeping giant has decided to wake up and join the reactionaries, belying its own tradition and the Gospel.

  2. There are plenty of catholics who are socially engaged in the ways indicated not just pro-life movement. People are engaged there of course but those who are engaged there are not necessarily engaged in fighting against the war or the death penalty AND VICE-VERSA. There is not much “cross pollenating” in that regard. Reading JPII Gospel of Life would help since he addressed all those issues with consistancy.

  3. If the Church spent as much time speaking out against war as they do on other issues we could have world peace.

  4. Maybe Ted you should 1st read the Bible, Eccles where it says there is a time for peace and a time for war. Is Ted right and the Bible wrong? 2nd read the Catechism of the Catholic Church about war. Is the catechism wrong and Ted is right. 3rd start off at 1900 and see how many wars since then the Democrats were in, hmmmmm ADD them up and compare Ted. When you are done Ted, please read the non Negotables when voting. Sorry Ted, the Catholic Bishops are probably wrong there too and you are right. Actually Ted, you are Left not right in all of those.

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