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U.S. Sisters have recently come under fire from the Vatican.  Many of these sisters have been long standing partners of SHARE El Salvador. In the early 80s they stood with Salvadoran refugees looking for asylum, their support lead to the end of U.S. involvement in the civil war. For the past 30 years they have walked with organized poor communities in El Salvador defending their human rights and supporting community development. SHARE now wishes to express our support for the sisters. We are part of a national effort to write a statement (see below) which we will publish in the National Catholic Reporter (NCR) in the June 8th  edition and are writing to invite you and your friends to join us.

Sign the ad (see below) by emailing us your name, address, phone number to or by filling out and mailing the coupon on our site to SHARE El Salvador at 2425 College Ave. Berkeley, CA 94704, by May 15th. Please share this ad far and wide with friends, family, pastors, on facebook, the web...

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14 thoughts on “TAKE ACTION: Support the Sisters by contributing to an ad in NCR

  1. Since I support the ‘teaching authority of the Catholic Church’ I cannot support this puclic denial of it.

    1. I agree — the Sisters have done wonderful social work and missionary work for peace and justice; but they also need to be faithful to Church teaching on abortion and other moral issues.

  2. The bishops, including the pope, would have more credibility if they followed the example of our sisters and shared the lives of the poor.

  3. My experience with “sisters” in my 70 years, has been an inspiration … their dedication and determination in following the biblical message of peace and justice is outstanding. They’ve taught, they’ve nurtured, they’ve fed those who hunger and thirst. They’ve shown courage, grace and wisdomI. They are truly inspirational. I wonder what Jesus would say.

  4. The Sisters walk the talk. This power play by the bishops is despicable. They fear women and I believe fear the movement of the Holy Spirit. Their actions say they want ownership of the Holy Spirit, but the Spirit blows where it wills.

  5. The recent action taken by Rome regarding the American LCWR and NETWORK suggests a level of contempt that reveals a lack of basic human regard and reverence, not only for the Sisters as human beings, but for the dignity of their dedicated lives. It speaks, not about Women Religious, but rather about the state of the hierarchy itself.

  6. I am again, for the second time cutting my financial support for my parish and this time assigning it to the Sisters. I can’t in good conscience support a church hierarchy that doesn’t follow the way of Jesus.

  7. Why, in the Catholic Church, we arrived where we are ? because the religious, in the name of the vow of obidience they silenced their profetical roll in the Church. Finally, as a sign of hope for the church, the nuns of US, faithful to their roll, are speaking out, not with documents or enciclics but with their life. Sisters, thank you, be braveryes, go ahead, you are not alone. Luigi

  8. The strength, beauty and hard work that is taking place in today’s Church is greatly accomplished by prayerfilled Sisters through their tireless work of dedication.

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