The following letter was co-signed by Nick Mele on behalf of Pax Christi USA.

Mr. President:

We take this opportunity to greet you with warm New Year’s wishes in these winter days.

We, the undersigned, are representatives of various faith communities from Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Canada and the United States, who undertook a visit to Kangjeong Village, Jeju Island on December 5-7, 2011 to learn about the construction of a Korean naval base. We are writing to report on our findings.

As people of faith our commitment is to serve and seek Peace, Justice and the Integrity of Creation.  All of these aspects are deeply compromised at Kangjeong Village by the construction of this base.

Integrity of Creation – Kangjeong Village and its surrounding area is uniquely beautiful—in fact, it is a UNESCO-designated ecological reserve.  It contains endangered and rare life, both on the water front and the sea bed.  The construction of the naval base will disrupt its water source, and the entire ecosystem.  The people of the community have practiced stewardship of the land and sea for many generations as farmers and fishers, and their way of life will be disrupted.

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