One thought on “REFLECTION: Resurrecting our best kept secret

  1. if we would commit to regularly reading it, praying with it, teaching it,
    preaching it and living it! That’s is precisely the problem, our incapacity to be aware and to live it! this is the hermeneutic circle in where we just going on circles. I was reading that now that some of Chinese have money, there are some elites and in the place they live build an English village why? because they don’t want to be Chinese? is this the price of a collective mentality that in a subconscious movement is rebuilding their repressive desires? or is simple madness. The church should change its rituals of the holy week; they should put a common woman and man being crucified in every day life, when to eat, you need stamps, at least in the United States you have that, I am writing from Mexico, we don’t have stamps, there wouldn’t be enough stamps for so many poor. And is a very catholic country, so they said, but just don;t touch the problems of profits because they irremediably are transformed in Mr. Jekel and Mr. Hyde.

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