Pax Christi USA has endorsed the Preamble and Principles for the “Faithful Budget” document. 

The Faithful Budget Campaign is a collaboration of Christian, Jewish, Muslim and other faith communities and organizations. The Faithful Budget promotes comprehensive and compassionate budget principles that helps lift the burden on the poor, rather than increasing it while shielding the wealthiest from any additional sacrifice.

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3 thoughts on “FEDERAL BUDGET: Pax Christi USA signs on to “Faithful Budget” document

  1. Thank you, Pax christi, for doing this and for recognizing the universal truths abiding in all world religions. When will we learn that most differences are cultural and/or semantic ones, that, when inderstood, only strenghtn clarify our own beliefs with new insights.

  2. Thank you, PaxChristi, for partaking in this statement by recognizing universal truths and sensibilities abiding in the core of all world religions. May we continue affirm that differences we once saw as divisive are really mostly cultural and semantic ones. When these truths become understood through study and close contact with these “other” believers, we will find our own persuasions strengthened and clarified with new insights.

  3. ‘preciate you doing this and alerting me to this document’s existence. It is nice to have a reference point when looking at federal budget priorities and to compare candidates’ promises this fall.

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