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Each month, “On The Line” features news items and announcements from around the nation featuring Pax Christi members, local groups, regions and partners. These are gleaned from articles in local newspapers, websites, magazines, and elsewhere. 

PAX CHRISTI FLORIDA MEMBER FASTS WITH FARMWORKERS: John Dwyer of Pax Christi Florida represented Pax Christi at the Coalition of Immokalee Worker’s Fast for Fair Food earlier this month. John fasted with farmworkers and their allies for 6 days outside of the headquarters of Publix Supermarkets, who are refusing to meet and work with the CIW to institute changes to improve the lives of farmworkers agreed to by other grocery and fast food giants. John wrote to say,” Just returned from my week’s fasting with the CIW in Lakeland at Publix.  Everyone from every faith was there… People came from everywhere.  Amazing.  Best fast I ever had.”

CIW Celebration
CIW Publix Picket/Jubilant Victory Celebration 2/12/12, following the announcement that any agreement with Trader Joe's was reached, photo by Karen Dwyer

PAX CHRISTI CPT MEMBER IN HEBRON UNDER THREAT: Since publication of the Christian Peacemaker Team’s report, “Under Attack: Golani Brigade’s war on the Palestinian population of Al-Khalil (Hebron),” the Israeli army’s Golani Brigade has threatened CPTers with arrest and death several times.  Pax Christi Indianapolis member, Jo Anne Lingle, is one of four Christian Peacemaker Team members recently sent to Hebron. The report documents the recent escalation of human rights abuses in Al Khalil.  These threats are an attempt to prevent CPT and other international organizations from continuing to document ongoing human rights abuses, including violence and harassment, committed by soldiers against the civilian population of Al-Khalil. Read more here:

PAX CHRISTI USA FOUNDING BISHOP-PRESIDENT ON MICHIGAN RADIO:Bishop Thomas Gumbleton probably won’t vote in the primary today, though he spends his life doing work that’s greatly affected by the political world. Nor does he seem impressed that Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum are fellow Roman Catholics. Actually, he seems pretty appalled by them.” To listen to the interview with Bishop Gumbleton, go to

PAX CHRISTI FLORIDA STATE COORDINATOR RECEIVES AWARD: Nancy O’Byrne, Pax Christi Florida State Coordinator received an award at the Catholic Days at the Capitol luncheon in Tallahassee, FL in February.  Nancy stated upon accepting the award, “I am deeply honored to receive this award today; and deeply grateful that I belong to a Church that has a long, rich history of Catholic Social Teaching, responding to the Gospel Mandate to stand up for the poor, the lowly, the disenfranchised and marginalized; be it a baby in a Mother’s womb; an undocumented worker trying to support his family; a prisoner on death row; or a refugee fleeing from war and oppression.  We are all called to raise our voices in support of the dignity of each human person and the care of all God’s Creation.” Nancy was nominated by Bishop Felipe Estevez to receive the Thomas A. Horkan, Jr. Distinguished Catholic Leader Award.

Nancy O'Byrne
Nancy O'Byrne, state coordinator of Pax Christi Florida, receives award. With her husband David and Bishop Estevez, photo courtesy of Pax Christi Florida

PAX CHRISTI METRO NEW YORK CELEBRATES DAN BERRIGAN: “Marvelous, the best thing I’ve seen, moving, enlightening, inspiring, fabulous, wonderful, beautifully done, a lovely event, a gift!  Such was just some of the praise given to the man and the tribute that over 200 people paid to the iconic priest, poet, and prophet, Fr. Daniel Berrigan on Sunday, January 29th, in St. Joseph’s Greenwich Village Church.  Fr. Berrigan turned 90 years old last May, and Pax Christi Metro New York (PCMNY) decided there could be no better subject for its Peacemaking through the Arts Winter Benefit than this influential man as he achieved this wonderful milestone.” Read more here: or the NCR article here:

TIFFIN-AREA PAX CHRISTI STAYS COMMITTED TO PEACE: “On March 15, 2004, a group of demonstrators gathered at the Seneca County Courthouse to protest the start of the war in Iraq. Initiated by members of Tiffin Area (OH) Pax Christi, that first vigil turned into a weekly event, usually at 4:30 p.m. Three women, Mary Lily and Phyllis Putnam of Tiffin and Jean Cossey of Carey, have faithfully appeared at least 30 minutes every Friday afternoon for the past eight years. ‘Actually, I had gone a couple times up to Toledo, because they had somebody that was standing with signs. Then we started here, so I came down here,’” Lily said. Read the entire article here:–still-committed-to-peace.html?

PAX CHRISTI PALM BEACH (FL) SENDS ANTI-NUKE FILM TO FL SENATORS: PC Palm Beach member, Jack MacFadyen, arranged for the video, The Forgotten Bomb, to be delivered to Florida’s two U.S. Senators.  The movie examines the political and legal implications of nuclear weapons, but also digs deeper, into the cultural and psychological reasons behind the arsenal’s existence.  Film producer Bud Ryan’s quest takes us from the homes of hibakusha (A-bomb survivors) in Japan, to an abandoned Uranium mine in New Mexico, to an underground Titan missile silo in Arizona. From these places, and many others, Ryan puts together the pieces of a puzzle that explain why we have the bomb, and how we might finally do away with it.

Upcoming Events:

PCUSA Ambassador of Peace Rev. John Dear, SJ will speak at Immaculate Heart of Mary Church in Atlanta, March 14. For more info, click here.

PC-Texas will host their Compassion Conference on March 23-24 in San Antonio, more information here:

PC-Richmond (VA) will host a “Spring Day of Reflection: Exploring Relationships with Earth and Ourselves” with the Thomas Berry Educational Center, on April 14. Contact Ginnie Morrow at

PC-Florida will host their Spring Retreat in Parrish, FL on April 14 and 15. Retreat leader is Sr. Paula Gonzalez. For more info, click here.

PC-Michigan’s 31st annual state conference, “Power: Who Lies? Who Dies? Who Pays? Who Profits?” will be April 21 at St. Anastasia Church in Troy, MI. Pax Christi Ambassador of Peace Tom Cordaro and PCUSA Executive Director Sr. Patty Chappell are featured speakers. For more info, click here.


Pax Christi International sends a letter to Russia on the situation in Syria … Pax Christi Arizona members held vigils on the eve of an execution in Arizona earlier this month … Pax Christi Lansing (MI) is holding two special Lenten programs on March 20 and March 27 on the Occupy movement and immigration … JustFaith Ministries in collaboration with Pax Christi USA just released a special 12 session module for small groups on “Just Peacemaking.” There is a special discount for Pax Christi local groups wanting to purchase the module … Three plays written by playwright and Pax Christi member, Jack Gilroy, are now available as downloads for performance by churches, local groups, schools, etc. on the PCUSA website … PCUSA is seeking an Associate Director of Development … Pax Christi Metro DC participates in Ash Wendesday service at the White House … PC-New Jersey holds immigrant rights march on Ash Wednesday …

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